RADIOSOFT LTD – a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of radio frequency monitoring equipment offers you a range of mobile and stationary software and hardware facilities designed to provide a comprehensive solution for the following tasks:

  • detecting radio emissions in a given frequency band;
  • direction finding of radio emission sources and bearings display on an electronic map;
  • locating radio sources on the ground in urban areas and in the field;
  • measuring the parameters of radio emissions detected (frequency, bandwidth, signal strength, field strength, frequency deviation, amplitude modulation index) in automatic mode;
  • maintaining account database and radio environment databases;
  • identification of illegally operating radio electronic facilities (REF) and determining their locations;
  • spatial and object planning of REF electromagnetic compatibility, calculation and reading of coverage areas of radio transmitting facilities, calculation of availability areas of radio monitoring facilities.

Hardware component of the stationary and mobile radio monitoring stations supplied by our company is based on the use of modern processor technology in combination with a digital signal processing in near real-time.

Dedicated functional software allows you to automate information processing, accelerate and facilitate document management, enables 24-hour radio frequency monitoring with stationary equipment without the participation of operating staff and makes it possible to create an Automated Radio Frequency Monitoring System (ARFMS), the scale of which may vary from local to nationwide.

Facilities for direction finding and detection in the VHF, UHF, SHF bands designed by the company can be used by stationary and mobile services performing radio monitoring, planning and communication systems (radio, cellular, etc.) deployment tasks.

Our solutions can be used to create calculation and information systems, guarded objects monitoring systems, geographically distributed control, data acquisition and processing systems. All the radio monitoring facilities have compatible communications protocols with the possibility of using IP networks, network bridges, analog and digital links.

Our company guarantees:

  • application of spectrum analyzers, radio receivers, scanners, antennas and microwave elements from the world's leading producers: Rohde & Schwarz, Anritsu, Advantest, Keysight, Mini-Circuits, Pacternack, Signal Hound,   Aaronia, PCTEL;
  • individual approach to design of individual equipment and the system as a whole;
  • supply, installation, warranty and post-warranty service of hardware and software;
  • metrological support for products supplied;
  • Training for your staff for the rules of operation and maintenance of radio monitoring equipment manufactured by our company.

Currently, an Automated Radio Frequency Monitoring System of the Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies, created based on the software and hardware complexes manufactured by RADIOSOFT LTD is functioning successfully in Ukraine. Our work with the State Enterprise "Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies" numbers more than ten years of fruitful cooperation.

List of tasks performed by equipment

  • Creation and maintenance of radio frequency assignments database.
  • Performance of work on instrumental evaluation of REF radiation parameters with the compilation of relevant protocols and spectrograms.
  • Detecting radio sources and locating these sources on the ground.
  • Determining the level of channel and radio frequency band occupancy.
  • Processing the results of measurements of radio emission parameters and spectrum occupancy.
  • Creation of technical radio monitoring results database.
  • Preparation of reporting documents based on the results of radio monitoring according to the approved forms.