AIK-CF Stationary Automated Radio Monitoring Complex




  • technical radio monitoring in remote mode from an automated control workstation (unattended remote operation).


  • panoramic detection and mapping of received signals over a wide frequency band;
  • automated measurement of radio emission parameters:
  • field strength • signal strength • frequency • bandwidth • frequency deviation • amplitude modulation index;
  • direction finding (correlation-phase method) of stationary radio sources (RS);
  • RF spectrum utilization monitoring: channels, frequencies, frequency bands;
  • display of bearings, spectra of the received signals, frequency and time panoramas, radio emission parameters measurement results in control AWS;
  • automatic recovery after power failure.



TYPE AIK-CF 1/3 AIK-CF 3/6  
detection frequency range, MHz20-300020-6000
frequency range of radio emission parameters measurement, MHz20-3000 20-6000 
direction finding frequency range, MHz30-1000 30-3000 
DF method  correlation-phase
sensitivity from radio transmitter input, not worse than 0,6 MCW-120 dBm 
absolute measurement error: 
  • signal field strength,
  • dB  - maximum input signal frequency,
  • Hz  - bandwidth, kHz
±1 ±1 
frequency deviation, not more than
  • for deviation of 1 to 5 kHz
  • for deviation of 5 to 70 kHz
  • for deviation of 70 to 100 kHz
±0,5 kHz
±2,0 kHz
±10,0 kHz 
±0,5 kHz
±2,0 kHz
±10,0 kHz 
dynamic range of level measurement, dB 80 (110 att.) 80 (110 att.) 
bandwidth viewing speed, GHz/s1
power consumption, W9090
operating temperature range, °Cот 0 до +40*
receiving and processing unit weight, kg10
DF AFS weight (w/o mast), kg4545
DF AFS lower tier diameter1 m 1 m 
hardware unit dimensions, mm320х280х160  
Availability of metrological certificate.