AORP-6G Mobile Hot Deployment Direction Finding AFS




  • Designed for adding to mobile stations of RM-1300-2R3 and RM-1300-2R3F type that use the correlation-phase method of direction finding, in order to significantly reduce direction finding error.


  • Direction finding of radio sources in the frequency range from 20 to 6 GHz.
  • AFS deployment at a considerable distance of up to 100 meters from mobile station.
  • Direction finding capability with hidden location of mobile station vehicle.
  • Significantly reduced direction finding error.
  • Significantly increased speed of direction finding.
  • Possibility of direction finding of digital and broadband signals.
  • Portability and rapid deployment capability.
  • 24-hour operation.


  1. Single-axle trailer with a diesel electric unit.
  2. Telescopic mast of 5 meters in height.
  3. Direction finding AFS within a range of 20 MHz - 6 GHz.
  4. RM-1300-2R3F-type mobile station.
  5. Set of connecting cables of up to 100 meters in length.


  1. Direction finding frequency range 20 MHz-6 GHz.
  2. Polarization type of signals the bearings of which are taken Vertical.
  3. Direction finding method correlation-phase.
  4. Instrumental error of direction finding (SD), not more than, deg. 2.
  5. Min. duration of signals the bearings of which are taken, s 0.5.
  6. Telescopic mast height not more than, m 5.
  7. Time for deployment by 2 persons, min. 15.
  8. Availability of metrological certificate.