RS-BMSS-015 Cellular Base Station Monitoring Unit




RS-BMSS-015 Cellular Base Station Monitoring Unit is designed to detect signals of cellular base stations (BS) and determining BS parameters such as: operating channel numbers, signal frequency, signal strength, signal bandwidth, BS identifier.

RS-BMSS-015 can be operated in two versions:

  • Wearable version;
  • Mobile version.

Wearable version of RS-BMSS-015 is placed in backpack-type or case-type bag and has internal antenna-feeder systems (AFS).

Mobile version of RS-BMSS-015 is placed on the passenger seat in the unequipped vehicle or in a rack of equipped vehicle and has external AFSs. 


  • The unit is based on R&S TSME Ultracompact Drive Test Scanner.
  • Operation on all cellular standards used in Ukraine.
  • Operation in sub-bands of frequencies allocated in Ukraine and neighboring countries.
  • Operation on traffic channels and control channels.
  • Mode for simultaneous determining BS parameters and reading the spectra of their radio emissions.
  • High scanning and BS parameters determining speed - up to 330 channels per second.
  • Full self-sufficiency, ability to use in the subway, supermarkets, underground parking lots.
  • Remote switching on the unit via the key fob.
  • Two usage options: wearable, mobile.
  • Work as part of ASRM-1010 Automated Radio Frequency Monitoring System.
  • Availability of metrological certificate.

Availability of metrological certificate.

  • Fully automatic operation - without operator intervention.
  • Possibility of operation on undedicated vehicles of transport department (regular buses, general purpose vehicles).
  • Two delivery options: KSSS-11 unit-based or R&S TSME Ultracompact Drive Test Scanner-based.
  • Operation on GSM BS traffic channels.