RM–1300M-2Р3F Mobile Multi-Function Radio Monitoring Statio




The mobile radio monitoring station (MRMS) "Atlas-AM" is designed for carrying out of tasks of radio emission detection in the frequency band from 30 to 6200 MHz, measurement of their parameters, direction finding and determination of positions of radio emissions sources in automated mode.


  • Radio frequency monitoring of cellular base stations GSM, DCS, CDMA, UMTS.
  • Radio emission detection and direction finding of their sources on the move and when parked (correlation-phase method).
  • Position finding of stationary radio sources (RS).
  • Mapping on the electronic map:
    • travel route;
    • radio source coordinates calculation data;
    • measuring radio emission parameters.
  • Displaying radio spectra.
  • Maintenance of detection data, technical analysis, direction finding and coordinates archives.
  • Preparation of reporting documentation with support for standard text editors.
  • Determining band utilization.


  • frequency range to detect and measure radio emission parameters, MHz  20-3000;
  • direction finding frequency range, MHz  25-3000;
  • direction finding method correlation-phase;
  • RMS bearing error, deg. 3;
  • frequency measurement error at a frequency of 3000 MHz, Hz 60;
  • sensitivity from radio receiver input, µV 0.6-1.0;
  • supply voltage, V 11.5-15.1;
  • power consumption, W 110;
  • weight (except AFS), kg 50.

All specifications have metrological support.