RM–1300-Р3/5А Mobile Cellular Network Radio Monitoring station




  • Detection of radio emissions and identification of base stations E-GSM, R-GSM, GSM-900, DCS 1800, WCDMA, CDMA 800, CDMA 450, LTE in automatic mode.
  • Detection and measurement of radio emission parameters (frequency, bandwidth, level) in automatic mode.
  • Data transfer to the central database:
    • vehicle travel route;
    • degree of frequency bands utilization;
    • radio emission spectra
    • results of radio emission parameters measurement.


  • frequency range to detect and measure radio emission parameters, MHz 20-3000;
  • own position error, m, not more than 100;
  • sensitivity from radio transmitter input, µV 0.6-1.0;
  • supply voltage, V 11.5-15.1;
  • power consumption, W 90;
  • sensitivity from radio receiver input, µV 0.6-1.0;
  • supply voltage, V 11.5-15.1;
  • power consumption, W 110;
  • list of defined BS parameters: Mobile Country Code - МСС; Location Area Code - LAC; Mobile Network Code - MNC; BS Code and Sector Number - CID; Frequency channel number; Signal strength; Tracking Area Code - TAC; Pseudo-random Noise - PN; Primary Scrambling Code - PSC.

Availability of metrological certificate.

  • Fully automatic operation - without operator intervention.
  • Possibility of operation on undedicated vehicles of transport department (regular buses, general purpose vehicles).
  • Two delivery options: KSSS-11 unit-based or R&S TSME Ultracompact Drive Test Scanner-based.
  • Operation on GSM BS traffic channels.